Friends of Scouting Campaign
Dear Troop 17 Family,
Your Scout is a member of Troop 17 because you know the
value of the scouting program and what it brings to him;
confidence, citizenship and leadership characteristics that help
set the foundation for his future success. Our program is
successful because of youth and adult participation and their
individual talents. Though, it is not without the support and
resources of the Northern New Jersey Council. 
As our Troop Chairman for Friends of Scouting I appeal to
you for a contribution to the Northern New Jersey Friends
of Scouting Campaign. All contributions at any level are
appreciated to help sustain council programs, facilities and
services to which Troop 17 benefits.
During my tenure as a leader serving on camping trips and at
summer camp, I see firsthand that exploring outdoors is a key
part of scouting and perhaps the most visible one. I see our
boys achieving advanced rank and multiple merit badges and
developing into strong well-rounded citizens.  I am convinced
that they will make a difference in the world.  They embrace the
virtue of Be Prepared and they are Prepared. For Life.
Friends of Scouting is the Council’s major annual
fundraising activity. I sincerely ask you to join me in
supporting Scouting through this worthy appeal.
Generally, Troop 17 participation has been about 60% of Troop
families. Thank you to all whom participated in the past and I
have every confidence you will contribute again this year. I
make a special request to those who have not participated, give
a second read to my thoughts at the beginning of this letter,
after thoughtful consideration make the commitment to support
FoS-2018. Every donation, no matter the amount, helps
continue providing a quality Scouting program. Can we make it
to 100% family participation?

You can donate using the link below,(please note our unit number is 17) or if you prefer to write a check,
(payable to NNJC BSA) and mail it in confidence to me at the address
below by February 28, 2018. 
Thank you in advance for your participation and commitment to
Steven R. Brown
Troop 17 – Short Hills
125 Dunnell Road, Apartment 413
Maplewood, NJ 07040