Fineran Way Street Naming





April 28th: The Township Committee introduces a student survey to select a new street name in Short Hills via a Board of Education correspondence to all Millburn/Short Hills students.

Early May - Troop 17 Scouts pro-actively mobilizes to solicit votes for Scoutmaster Fineran Way.
May 5th: A second email correspondence reminding the students of the voting submissions process and deadline is forwarded from the School Superintendent, Dr. Burton.

End of June:  Troop 17 is notified by School Superintendent, Dr. Burton that Scoutmaster Fineran Way had secured a majority vote of 56% and will be submitted as street selection winner. Three Scouts were requested to present why Mr. Fineran deserve such an honor at an upcoming Township Meeting.

August 15th: Eagle Scout Brian Cariddi, Eagle Scout Jamie Serruto and Life Scout Ryan Cannon address the Township Committee with a three to five-minute speech each explaining why Mr. Fineran deserved such an honor. Mrs. Fineran in attendance.
October 17th: A consensus was taken by Township Committee not to proceed with Scoutmaster Fineran Way citing it was not GPS friendly.  To the Troop’s discontent, the Township Committee introduces their own personal submissions and vote on Commerce Way.
October 26th: Mayor Burstein visits Troop 17 and explains that a miscommunication between the Township Committee and School Superintendent occurred, whereby students were supposed to only submit a recommendation and not select the new street name.  At conclusion of meeting, Mayor Burstein agreed to assist Scouts to secure the street name of Scoutmaster Fineran Way.
December 5th: Street naming was addressed in public comment and the Township Administrator explained that signage proofs indicate Scoutmaster Fineran Way letter size are not of required legal size; however, Fineran Way could be a good alternative.

January 16th 2018: The Millburn Township Committee voted by roll call to approve

“Fineran Way with a Scoutmaster Ken Fineran honorarium sign below” as the new street name for the portion of road behind the Short Hills Mall Currently Canoe Brook Road. The committee will begin the ordinance process and move towards first and second readings which will finalize the street dedication. Post-vote, Senior Patrol Leader Jamie Serruto addressed the Committee regarding the troop’s gratitude and the significant takeaways which this project has provided for the scouts and the community.

February 6th 2018: The Millburn Township Committee passed Fineran Way at First Reading.

March 6th 2018: Set for Final Reading, The Millburn Township Committee makes its final vote and passes the ordinance renaming a portion of Canoe Brook Road to Fineran Way. By legal statute the street signs can be hung as early as April 6th. Mayor Burstein, Alex McDonald, and Jamie Serruto began conversations of an official street dedication to take place on a weekend in

May 2018.

April 25th 2018: Millburn Mayor Cheryl Burstein and Business Administrator Alex McDonald met with SPL Jamie Serruto, ASPL Ryan Cannon, and Scoutmaster Dan Cannon at Millburn Town Hall to review logistics for the official Sunday May 20th Street Dedication. The group confirmed the date, time, location, and agenda as well as review proofs of the new signs and posts. Millburn Township has committed to work with Troop 17 in providing ceremonial resources and closing Fineran Way for the event. The meeting adjourned and both parties looked forward to reconvene at Fineran Way on May 20th.



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